The automatic tooth tapping machine has rotten teeth


When using the automatic tapping machine to produce and process the internal teeth, there will be decayed teeth from time to time, which has a great impact on the quality of the product. Why does the automatic tapping machine have decayed teeth? Common reasons are as follows:

1. The tap is damaged. If the tap is damaged, there is no doubt that there will be tooth decay. Even if the tap jumps a small gap, there will be tooth decay, because the thread is produced and processed by the tap edge. If the tap edge is damaged, the surface of the thread produced and processed must not be smooth, and the damaged edge is easy to scratch the thread produced and processed before the tap is returned. In this case, the only way is to replace the tap, Or grind off the damaged edge and continue to use it, but the tap should be grinded well

2. Insufficient lubrication. If the tapping oil is added or the cooling fluid is not enough for lubrication during the production and processing, there will also be tooth decay. In this case, the tapping oil with good lubrication and fast cooling must be used, which can both lubricate and cool. Many customers do not like to use the tapping oil, and feel it is troublesome to clean it again after the production and processing. At this time, they usually choose to add water to the emulsion for cooling, However, the emulsion can only be used for cooling when mixed with water, but add more emulsion and less water, which can play a certain role in lubrication.

3. The bottom hole is too small. If the tapping bottom hole is too small, it is easy to have rotten teeth. At this time, it is only necessary to drill the tapping bottom hole a little larger. Personally, it is recommended to drill the tapping bottom hole according to the normal tapping bottom hole, which is about 8 to 10S larger without affecting the thread tightness and torque. In this way, the production and processing will not rot teeth, and the tap will also be much more durable.

4. The pitch gear of the automatic tapping machine is not matched. When producing and processing M4x0.7 internal teeth, the pitch gear on the automatic tapping machine is 0.5 pitch, and the bottom hole is drilled according to the M4x0.7 internal tooth bottom hole. There is no doubt that the produced thread will rot. At this time, the corresponding pitch gear must be replaced

The above is the cause of tooth decay of the fully automatic tapping machine shared by Yuei Automation for you. Our company is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and manufacturing of fully automatic tapping machine, fully automatic tapping machine and fully automatic punching machine. Welcome to call for consultation!