Important factors of CNC machine tool spindle


Machine tool spindle refers to the axis on the machine tool that drives the workpiece or tool to rotate. The main shaft is usually composed of the main shaft, bearing and transmission parts (gear or pulley). Except for planer, broaching machine and other machine tools whose main motion is linear motion, most machine tools have spindle parts. The motion accuracy and structural stiffness of spindle components are important factors that determine machining quality and cutting efficiency. The main indicators to measure the performance of the spindle components are rotation accuracy, stiffness and speed adaptability.

Functions in modular design, simplifying machine tool structure and improving machine tool performance

a. Simplify the structure and promote the modularization of machine tool structure

The motorized spindle can form standardized and serialized products according to the use, structure, performance parameters and other characteristics for the host machine to select, thus promoting the modular structure of the machine tool.

b. Reduce the cost of machine tools and shorten the development cycle of machine tools

On the one hand, standardized and serialized motorized spindle products are easy to form specialized and large-scale production, shorten the development cycle of machine tools, and adapt to the current fast changing market trend.

c. Improve machine tool performance and reliability

The CNC machine tool with motorized spindle structure improves the reliability of the machine tool due to its simplified structure and reduced transmission and connection links; The electric spindle functional parts with mature technology, perfect function, excellent performance and reliable quality make the performance of the machine tool more perfect and the reliability further improved.

d. Special requirements for some high-end CNC machine tools

Some high-end CNC machine tools, such as parallel kinematic machine tools, pentahedral machining centers, small hole and ultra small hole machining machines, must use electric spindles to meet the perfect functional requirements.

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