Tapping machine is simple in operation, low in working intensity, time-saving, labor-saving, long in service life, and durable


Tapping machine is a kind of CNC lathe that uses taps to produce and process threads. It is the most widely used CNC lathe for thread production and processing. According to the national machinery manufacturing specifications, the series of tapping machine products are divided into: desktop all-in-one machine tapping machine -- full-automatic desktop all-in-one machine tapping machine, column type tapping machine, and vertical tapping machine. For various reasons, a more common classification of key applications is not included, namely folding arm tapping machine (hydraulic press tapping machine, electric tapping machine, pneumatic tapping machine).

Detailed introduction of tapping machine:

Pitch A and B drive gears are matched with each other. The A and B drive shafts and main shaft bearings are completely matched with each other according to pitch. They are vertical, stable, accurate, and highly accurate. When tapping screws, they can move forward and backward easily without load rate. In addition, it is decided by high-quality production and processing objects, which is not easy to lead to different external threads. For soft plastic products such as metal sheet, light alloy metal materials and resin materials, external threads can also be tapped. In addition, multi axis devices can be equipped to carry out multi axis simultaneous production and processing, which further improves the productivity.

1. The spindle bearing wins and loses the cutter is fully automatic and high-precision matching according to the pitch, which is not easy to adjust when working.

2. The operator's hands can leave the mechanical equipment at will.

3. It can be used as a high-speed continuous circulation system and is durable.

4. The novice can also complete the practical operation.

5. High precision tapping stroke arrangement is easy to adjust.

6. Double safety clutch equipment can avoid the wear of tapping.

7. The mutual cooperation of multi axis tapping tools can result in efficient work.


1. Repeated accurate positioning is fast, cutting amount is fast, and production and manufacturing are efficient;

2. Safety torque clamping barrel ensures less damage to tap;

3. The embedded hole and the embedded hole tap are continuous, and the thread is high-precision;

4. Work clothes and jigs are not required for heavy steel parts;

5. The actual operation is simple and the work intensity is low.