Misunderstandings in purchasing CNC machining centers


At present, there are hundreds of manufacturers of machining centers, large and small. Some machine tool manufacturers say that their spindle speed can reach 60000 rpm at the fastest speed, which is suitable for high-speed machining. Others say that their machine tools have good rigidity and high precision, which must achieve high-speed machining effect. This has caused many users, especially those who use machining centers for the first time, to have many mistakes in the selection of machine tools:

 I: Machining center is not a universal machine tool

Some users, after purchasing a machining center, think that it can replace other machining tools. They think that since it is a machining center, they can carry out various machining. They are not familiar with the machining of parts by the machining center. It is not only the machine tool that has the required functions, but also requires the cooperation of tools and fixtures to complete the machining. In addition, some people think that the machining center can process all kinds of materials. It can not only carry out heavy load processing, but also carry out finish processing. It can not only process parts, but also process all kinds of molds. In this way, it is an outsider. As far as domestic manufacturers are concerned, there are few such machines that can complete the above work.

A correct and comprehensive understanding of the machining center is the basis for model selection and ordering. It is necessary to have a comprehensive and detailed understanding and grasp of the performance, characteristics, types, main parameters, functions, scope of application, deficiencies, etc. of the machining center. The best processing object, range and price of processing technology and equipment shall be considered, and the selection shall be made according to the selected part family.

 II: High precision does not mean high performance

1. It is mistakenly believed that the accuracy of the machine tool is determined by numerical value, and the accuracy of the machine tool is the processing accuracy, so the concept is vague.

2. Misunderstanding high-precision machine tools as high-performance machine tools

 III: Foreign control systems are not necessarily high-performance systems

Most users require to configure foreign CNC systems when purchasing machining centers. They believe that foreign CNC systems must be high-performance machine tools, but foreign CNC systems can also be divided into economic and ordinary ones. At present, most manufacturers are equipped with industrial personal computers, which belong to economic CNC systems.

IV: High speed spindle is not necessarily a high speed machine tool

High speed machine tool does not just mean high speed spindle. High speed spindle is the core component of high speed milling machine, and its development always determines the development of high speed milling machine. To improve the spindle speed, the transmission mode and bearing material of the spindle are the key technologies. The "high speed" in high-speed machine tools refers to the linear cutting speed, which is reflected in the machine tool, namely the spindle speed. However, can only increase the spindle speed meet the needs of high-speed machining? If a high-speed machine tool does not have enough high feed acceleration, it will not be able to process complex curved surfaces with high precision and high surface quality. High speed machining pursues high precision and high surface roughness. To achieve this goal, in addition to the accuracy of the machine tool itself, the accuracy of the CNC program is required to be much higher than that of ordinary machining,

In a word, an excellent machining center machine tool should be the embodiment of a perfect machining scheme. The above points are just some problems that some users encounter when selecting machine tools. There are also some details that are essential to the processing of certain parts, such as the allocation of accessories such as chip removal filter device and infrared workpiece probe.