The development trend of multi-spindle and how to improve production efficiency?


A multi-spindle machine is a machine tool used to mechanically drill and attack teeth and is often referred to as a multi-spindle, multi-spindle or multi-spindle drill. An ordinary multi-axis machine tool can machine several or even a dozen or twenty holes or threads at a time. If equipped with gas (liquid) pressure device, fast forward, work progress, fast exit and stop can be performed automatically.

Porous machines, also known as group drilling, can be used to drill or attack teeth. General models can drill 2-16 holes at the same time to improve efficiency. The number of axes of the stationary machine is not limited. The form and size of the drill shaft can be designed and processed according to the needs of customers. Multi-axis machines are widely used for drilling and tapping of porous parts in the machinery industry. Such as automobiles, engine cases, brake discs, steering gears, solar components, etc.

Multi-axis machine tools can be divided into two types: adjustable and fixed. In the adjustable multi-axis machine tool, the number of spindles and the distance between the spindles can be adjusted at will within its processing range, and the number of hydraulic machine tools at the same time. At work, don't worry about size deviations and brain damage.

How can multi-spindles improve production efficiency?

Multi-spindles can greatly improve production efficiency and reduce production costs. It is a powerful tool for mass production hole processing. In order to ensure the accuracy of a large number of machined holes, we must rely on high-quality drill sleeves to ensure that.

Inner hole size: the smaller the tolerance, the better, which can restrain the swing of the drill bit;

Inner hole finish: The lighter the inner hole, the smaller the friction, which can significantly improve the service life of the drill;

Inner hole and outer hole: low concentricity, low machining accuracy, and increased cumulative error;

Drill sleeve hardness: not too hard or too soft. Some drill sleeves are made of alloys with high hardness and long service life; too soft drill sleeves have a short service life and cannot guarantee long-term accuracy.