Which industry do most automatic drilling machines serve, and the operation difficulty is large?


In the traditional manufacturing industry, some drilling products are processed piece by piece manually using a manual drilling machine. This processing method is not efficient and has high risks. Fortunately, with the advancement of technology, automatic drilling machines have completely replaced manual emptying, helping enterprises to automatically complete the mass production of products, while saving a lot of labor costs and material costs.

The automatic drilling machine can be said to have a very wide range of application fields, such as furniture, cycling, construction, etc., and it has its applications. During operation, the automatic drilling machine CNC system is integrated with the machine tool, and the staff is in the CNC. When operating on the system, the working status of the machine tool can be observed. And because it is an open structure, multi-station processing can be performed, and the machine tool spindle can move freely in the X, Y, and Z directions, and only need to manually refuel back and forth to form non-stop cyclic processing. In addition, in the machinery industry, including some metal processing, you can send a car with an automatic drilling machine.

For those who have not been exposed to automation at all, everyone will think, is it difficult to operate? How much time does it take to learn from traditional manual processing methods to automated methods. As many factories have put automatic drilling machines into use, it can be seen how powerful automation is.

In fact, the automatic drilling machine is not difficult to operate, even simpler than manual drilling. Different products only need to be replaced with corresponding fixtures, and they can be processed by setting the program. The operation is very simple and convenient. One person can operate multiple automatic drilling machines, which completely saves the investment cost of enterprises. Furthermore, the automatic drilling machine can change the tooling according to different materials, shapes and sizes, and has automatic detection function and automatic alarm device. In the process of processing, once the drill bit and the tap break, the machine tool will automatically stop and give an alarm prompt, which is safe and will not damage the workpiece. The speed of the automatic drilling machine can be adjusted, and the processing is more flexible.

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