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Causes of drilling deviation of CNC drilling machine


When we produce and process goods with CNC drilling machines, we often encounter some problems due to the unstable drilling of automatic drilling machines. Below, our factory will analyze the seven reasons for the instability of the automatic drilling machine.

The first major reason: the punching tip of the drilling rig is worn out or the elastic yellow is weak. It should be checked whether the punching tip of the drilling rig is worn out, resulting in uneven bearing capacity, and then check whether the spring is loosely adjusted or replaced with a new spring.

The second major reason: the drilling rig's drilling drive belt is not adjusted tightly enough or the drive belt is damaged, resulting in deviation. The drilling rig's perforated V-belt is very loose, and the adjustment screw at the back of the equipment can be adjusted to suit the situation or a new transmission belt can be replaced.

The third major reason: the small transmission belt of the CNC drilling machine is very loose, so the four screws that fix the drilling rig are loosened, then the drilling rig is pressed down, and then the four screws are tightened.

The fourth major reason: the electric brake pedal of the clutch is not good enough, and the brake pads of the car can be replaced or the drilling rig can be replaced.

The fifth major reason: the toggle switch is damaged, replace it with a new toggle switch. (How to replace the toggle switch to be continued)

The sixth major reason: the position of the camshaft termination power switch is wrong. If the operation is very slow, it will also lead to instability of the drilling rig.

The seventh major reason: deformation of raw materials or too much sediment in the collet. The raw materials should be inspected more and the collets should be cleaned more.