What are the aspects of the CNC machine?


The the CNC  machine is mainly composed of the bed body, the linear module of the CNC machine tool, the automatic control stroke arrangement, the milling rotary table, the clamping mechanism, the inspection equipment, the refrigeration system, the iron pin box, the safety net and the car feeding organization, etc. key part of the composition.

What are the aspects of the CNC  machine:

1. Program writing and program flow media The CNC machine tool program flow is the work order for CNC lathes to automatically produce and process parts. On the basis of analyzing the processing technology of the production and processing parts, the relative position of the plane coordinates of the parts on the plane coordinates of the CNC lathe, that is, the installation position of the parts on the CNC lathe; the main parameters of the specifications of the relative speed of the CNC blade and the part;

2. Key-in device The function of the key-in device is to transmit and store the CNC machine code on the program flow medium (information content medium) into the CNC machine tool. Depending on the operating removable storage device, the keying device can be an optical reader, a tape drive, or a floppy disk drive, etc.

3. CNC machine tool equipment CNC machine tool equipment is the key to CNC lathes. The CNC machine tool removes from the internal storage or accepts one or several CNC machining center program flows sent by the input device, and after the sequential logic circuit or system of the CNC machine tool performs compilation, calculation and logical solution, each output is output. A variety of manipulation information content and commands are used to manipulate various parts of the CNC lathe to carry out the required orderly fitness movements and postures.

4. Driver equipment and part inspection equipment The driver equipment accepts the command information content from the CNC machine tool equipment. After passing through the power amplifier circuit, it drives the CNC lathe to move the components strictly according to the requirements of the command information content, so as to produce and process the parts that meet the requirements of the sample drawings. Components. Therefore, its servo motor precision and dynamic response characteristics are one of the key factors that endanger the machining accuracy, surface quality and production efficiency of CNC lathes. The driver equipment includes the control board (including the power amplifier circuit) and the actuator. At this stage, most of them use DC or AC servo motors as actuators.

5. Auxiliary control equipment The key function of the auxiliary control equipment is to accept the switching value command data signal output by the CNC machine tool equipment, go through compiling programs, logical identification and fitness exercise, and then drive the corresponding household appliances after the power amplifier circuit, and promote the numerical control. The mechanical equipment of the lathe, the hydraulic press, the pneumatic type and other auxiliary equipment perform the switch position required by the command.

6. The CNC lathe itself of the CNC lathe itself is similar to the traditional CNC lathe. It consists of a spindle bearing drive system, a knife drive system, a bed body, a console and its auxiliary fitness equipment, hydraulic press pneumatic control valve, air intake system, Refrigeration equipment, etc. However, the CNC lathe has already undergone great changes in the overall reasonable layout, appearance design, transmission device, CNC blade system software structure and its actual operation organization. The purpose of this kind of transformation is to better meet the requirements of CNC lathes and make full use of CNC lathes.